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Glaserdkugel auf Moos

10th anniversary of the Nagoya Protocol

The agreement was intended to prevent biopiracy and ensure the equitable distribution of the benefits arising from the use of genetic resources. After 10 years it is time to take stock.




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The Information and Coordination Centre for Biodiversity is seeking reinforcement in the field of animal genetic resources.

Invasive species: public participation started

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The EU Regulation No. 1143/2014 requires the implementation into national law. The action plans for the priority pathways of invasive species are now available for comment.

Policy options for DSI from a scientific point of view

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With a white paper on potential DSI policy options, scientists contribute to the current debate. They explain why open access to genetic sequence data is essential for any of the options.

Statement by the Scientific Advisory Board on Biodiversity and Genetic Resources on the future arable farming strategy of the BMEL

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Contributing to the discussion paper published by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the members of the advisory board have drafted ten additional recommendations for more biodiversity in arable farming.

Fifth Global Biodiversity Report published

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The Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) regularly reports on the global status of biodiversity and analyzes the steps taken by the global community to conserve and sustainably use...