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What is blooming there?

Some will have been surprised at the beginning of this year. What initially looked like a forgotten bed area in the entrance area of ​​the BLE has steadily developed into a colorful flowering habitat and food for insects, especially wild honey bees, in recent weeks.

With the StrĂ–ff, which was adopted by the Federal Cabinet on September 14, 2016, the Federal Government wants to create a framework of measures and programs for federal responsibility for nature conservation on the federal government's land. The preservation of biodiversity should be promoted on the federal areas if possible. The strategy encompasses all areas of the federal government, including federal real estate, but also e.g. Military training areas.

The area in the entrance area of ​​the BLE was previously planted with a “rhododendron variety” of old varieties, which already showed the BLE's commitment to biodiversity in the form of support from the Deutsche Genbank Rhododendron. Unfortunately, despite intensive efforts, the location had not proven suitable for the rhododendron plants.

After the appropriate preparation of the soil, seeds from the region had been applied to the now flowering area in the entrance area in order to preserve in the long term an area that could be preserved in a species-rich mowing meadow, as was previously common in the Rheinaue. Due to the long flowering period of many different plant species, these meadows provided food and habitat for many insect species.

The concept of the BLE with measures to promote biodiversity takes into account that the property of the BLE is a location in the floodplain of the Rhine (Deichmannsaue). The adjacent park with the old trees is also of particular importance. As a result, biodiversity-promoting measures are available that are also appropriate for a meadow landscape. These include the species-rich meadows, which today are among the most endangered grassland biotopes.

Further measures to promote biodiversity have been put in place at the BLE. A bed with a variety of old rose varieties shows BLE's commitment to the Deutsche Genbank Rose. A variety of herbs indicates the variety of usable varieties in the field of horticulture. Several old apple trees from the region were planted in front of the main building. They show the threat to regional diversity in fruit growing.