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Access and Benefit Sharing

The Nagoya Protocol on ABS

Page-Title: Nagoya Protocol 10 years


The agreement was intended to prevent biopiracy and ensure the equitable distribution of the benefits arising from the use of genetic resources. After 10 years it is time to take stock.

Page-Title: Nagoya Protocol


The Nagoya Protocol entered into force in 2014 as a supplemenary agreement to the CBD. It provides the legal framework for regulating access to genetic resources and/or the associated traditional knowledge and the sharing of the benefits arising from their use.

Page-Title: Regulation (EU) No 511/2014


All Nagoya Protocol Parties are required to check that their users comply with the relevant ABS regulations. The EU Regulation lays down uniform provisions for all EU Member States to comply with this obligation.

Page-Title: Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol and the EU Regulation in Germany


The Regulation (EU) No 511/2014 is supplemented by the National Implementation Law, which identifies the competent authorities and determines obligations cooperation duties for users and sanctions for infringements.