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Dülmener colt in Bremen

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The BUND Bremen uses the endangered Dülmener horse to graze nature conservation areas. This spring the colt Finley was born. The Dülmener horse is well adapted to the climatic conditions in Germany and is ideal for use in nature conservation.

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Finley will contribute to the conservation of species diversity on the semi-open grassland in Bremen's Werderland nature reserve and the endangered Dülmener horse breed. The use of horses for landscape maintenance is becoming increasingly important. The Dülmener horse was originally kept all year round under the open sky in the wild horse track in the Merfelder Bruch. Due to the semi-wild keeping, this robust horse breed is very well adapted to the environmental conditions in Germany. That is why the Dülmener horse is increasingly used on nature and landscape protection areas, e. g. in the Wuhletal in Berlin, in the Lüneburg Heath and now also in Bremen’s Werderland. Throughout Germany, the use of Dülmener horses is still expandable.
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