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Fifth Global Biodiversity Report published

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The Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) regularly reports on the global status of biodiversity and analyzes the steps taken by the global community to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity.

The CBD's flagship publication reports on progress on the biodiversity targets (Aichi targets) and the outlook up to 2050 in eight areas:

- Land and Forests
- Fresh water
- Fisheries and Oceans
- Sustainable agriculture
- Food Systems
- Cities and infrastructure
- Climate protection
- Health.

The GBO-5 is based on indicators, research findings and scientific assessments, including the global report on the state of nature of the World Biodiversity Council IPBES and national reports submitted to the CBD.
The report highlights progress towards achieving the 20 global biodiversity targets, such as the following:

- Almost 100 countries have included biodiversity values in their national accounting systems.
- The rate of deforestation worldwide has decreased by about one third compared to the last decade.
- In countries with good fisheries policies, marine fish stocks have been preserved or rebuilt.
- An increasing number of successful cases of eradication of invasive alien species from islands have been reported.
- Protected areas have been significantly expanded.
However, none of the biodiversity targets for 2020 were fully achieved. Mankind is seen at a crossroads to stop the decline of biodiversity.
The Summary for Policymakers proposes a portfolio of urgent measures for this purpose:

- Improving the conservation and restoration of ecosystems;
- adaptation to climate change
- Measures against environmental pollution
- Measures against invasive alien species and overexploitation
- more sustainable production of goods and services
- Reduction of consumption and waste.

Here you can find the report and further information: