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Mysterious seeds shipments

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At present, mysterious, unordered packages of plant seeds are giving rise to concern as their origin cannot be located with certainty and it is unknown whether they meet phytosanitary requirements.

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Some plant lovers may be curious to reveal the secret of the surprise package and want to sow the mysterious seeds. However, the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) expressly warns against this, as it could be invasive plant species or the seeds could contain pathogens. In both respects, this would lead to a threat to native ecosystems. For this reason, JKI advises to dispose the seed package in the household waste and not in compost or in the organic waste bin.   
Please direct questions to the responsible plant protection services:
In addition, the BLE's Information and Coordination Centre for Biological Diversity wants to draw attention to the fact that plant material of unknown origin should not be used for research purposes either. The utilization of plant material from another country might be subject to the country of origin’s regulations of access to genetic resources and equitable benefit sharing (ABS). If so, the user would be obliged to seek the consent of the responsible national authority of that country. For more information on this topic, please click here.