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Stable construction support for pig breeding farms

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Sow keeping farms can receive subsidies for stable buildings. The support is also possible for breeding farms. Applications can be submitted to the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) at until 15th March 2021.

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Source: BLE

A grant of 40 percent of the eligible expenses can be paid. The maximum support limit is 500,000 € per farm. The construction project must be completed by the end of 2021. Individual farm consulting for the preparation of a conversion or replacement construction concept can also be supported. However, the measure must not be associated with an increase in the number of animals.

The funding supports the short term conversion of the seventh regulation for the change of the livestock husbandry regulation. This defines minimum requirements for the keeping of sows: In group management, at least five square meters must be available for each mother sow from weaning of the piglets to insemination. Farrowing pens must have a minimum area of 6.5 square meters and the sows must be able to move freely and turn around unhindered.

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