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Dülmener colt in Bremen

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The BUND Bremen uses the endangered Dülmener horse to graze nature conservation areas. This spring the colt Finley was born. The Dülmener horse is well adapted to the climatic conditions in Germany and is ideal for use in nature...

Conservation breeding project for the Sachsenhuhn

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In the Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft biosphere reserve, a project was started to preserve the local chicken breed Sachsenhuhn.

Regional dual purpose chickens for organic farming

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New BÖLN project for the conservation and sustainable use of regional chicken breeds launched. The IBV has supported the project development.

Funding possibilities for private forest owners

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Private forest owners have the possibility to obtain information from the Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e. V. (FNR) about the possibilities of financial support for silviculture and coping with the damage caused by extreme...

April 30 is the day of the grape

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Already 7000 years ago the noble grapevine emerged from the wild vine. Through continuous breeding the berries became bigger and sweeter. Today the wild vine is threatened with extinction.

April 26 is "Pear Day"

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To honour the pear, the "Day of the Pear" is celebrated annually on the fourth Sunday in April. Fittingly, the pear trees are currently in full bloom. With their bright white petals and their unique scent, they attract a whole...

Corona and biodiversity loss

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The German Coordination Unit of the World Biodiversity Council IPBES has compiled an online dossier with interesting information on the connection between biodiversity loss and pandemics. The collection contains assessments and...

International Congress on Sheep and Goats – Call for Papers

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The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) will host the “International Congress on Sheep and Goats – Farmers and Scientists create Future” on 15th/16th October in Bonn.

Conference Report published

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The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation has published the conference report "Demonstration farms - what makes them successful? It is the documentation of a conference, that has taken place in November 2019 on the island...

Vorläufige Erhebung der Ernte von forstlichem Saatgut

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Damit die Erntemengen zeitnah veröffentlicht werden können, wurde von der BLE wie auch in den Vorjahren eine Zusammenstellung der bis zum 31.01. des aktuellen Baumschuljahres erfolgten Saatguternten vorgenommen.