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Expert Committee on Animal Genetic Resources Expert Committees

The conservation and sustainable use of indigenous livestock breeds is supported in an advisory capacity by the Advisory Council on Animal Genetic Resources.

Advisory Board on Animal Genetic Resources

The Advisory Board on Animal Genetic Resources is a working committee of the German Society for Breeding Science (DGfZ) which deals with specific questions of animal genetic resources. The members of the advisory board are representatives of the federal and state governments, of science and animal breeding.

Main areas of work

The allover task of the Advisory Board is to initiate, partially coordinate and technically assess the implementation of the objectives described in the National Programme for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Animal Genetic Resources in Germany. The tasks and ideas must be transported to the subordinate areas of animal breeding, primarily the research institutions and umbrella organisations, and steered in a targeted manner.


As early as 1979, a DGfZ committee dealt in detail with the issue of the conservation of animal genetic resources.
After the adoption of the National Programme by the Conference of Agriculture Ministers in 2003, the Advisory Board on Animal Genetic Resources was appointed.


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