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Fish and other Aquatic Organisms Sector Specific Portals

The genetic diversity of aquatic organisms contains an extraordinary fund of genetic resources that is of immense value. Especially fish, but also crabs, mussels and other seafood are among the most important protein sources worldwide.

What is it about?

Aquatic Genetic Resources (AqGR) comprise all aquatic genetic resources that are of current or potential value for productivity and sustainability, particularly in fishery and aquaculture.

National Technical Programme Aquatic Genetic Resources

In 2005, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) approved the "National Technical Programme for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Aquatic Genetic Resources". The technical programme is the basis for the long-term conservation and use, research and development of aquatic genetic resources in Germany.

Expert Committee on Aquatic Genetic Resources

In order to implement the objectives of the national programme for the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic genetic resources, the Committee of Experts on Aquatic Genetic Resources was established.

Current Activities and Achievements

Since the first edition of the National Technical Programme for Aquatic Genetic Resources, the BMEL has funded a large number of important projects at national and international level that serve the sustainable use and protection of aquatic genetic resources.

National Inventory of Aquatic Genetic Resources (AGRDEU)

The "National Inventory of Aquatic Genetic Resources" is intended to document and make available to the public the species of aquatic genetic resources occurring in Germany as well as their utilisation and conservation status.

International Cooperation

The conservation and sustainable use of aquatic genetic resources is characterised by intensive international cooperation in which Germany plays a vital role.


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