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Information for users Access and Benefit Sharing

What must a user of genetic resources from agriculture and food in Germany observe in order to comply with the law regarding ABS?

Who is a user within the meaning of the EU regulation?

According to the EU-ABS-Regulation

•    users are natural or legal persons using genetic resources or traditional knowledge associated to
     genetic resources.
•    use is defined as carrying out research and development activities on the genetic and/or biochemical
      composition of genetic resources, including through the application of biotechnology (see Article 3 (4)
      and (5) of EU Regulation No 511/2014).

Applicability of the EU-ABS Regulation

Source: EU Regulation Guidelines (EU) Nr.511/2014, p.31



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Due diligence obligations of users

Anyone carrying out an utilisation activity covered by the EU Regulation  using genetic resources or traditional knowledge associated with them must ensure that no ABS rules of the provider country have been breached in accessing them.