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Trees and shrubs Sector Specific Portals

The diversity of tree and shrub species, i.e. the forest genetic resources are the basis for the conservation and restoration of diverse forest ecosystems. The specialist portal provides information on general conditions, players, activities and much more.

What is it about?

With an area of 31%, the forest is the most important area, a close to nature habitat and at the same part of the natural landscape. Therefore, forests represent an essential resource for biological diversity.

National Programme

The National Programme is the essential document which, based on the importance of genetic diversity and the threat to the genetic diversity of our tree and shrub species, describes measures and activities for the conservation and sustainable utilization of our forests in the future.

Conservation and Utilization

For more than 300 years, the conservation and utilization of forests has been the focus of multifunctional forestry in Germany. This principle is based on Hans Carl von Carlowitz, who defined a concept of "sustainable" forest management, for the first time.

Rare tree species

The basis of all conservation measures is the documentation of existing forest genetic resources. In addition to widely spread species such as spruce, pine, oak and beech, there are also rare tree species in our forests. Tree species that take up less than one percent of the forest area are defined as "rare".

National Inventory

The National Inventory FGRDEU documents the implementation of the National Programme of Forestry Genetic Resources in Germany.

BLAG Forest Genetic Resources & Forest Seed Law

Experts support the practical implementation of the National Programme and advise BMEL on its information and coordination tasks for the conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources.

Genetic monitoring

Genetic monitoring investigates the modification of the genetic structure of important forest tree species. Against the background of climate change, genetic monitoring is becoming particularly important as an early warning system for ecosystem changes.

International cooperation

The conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources is part of a wide range of international activities.