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Sector Specific Portals


The sector specific portal Agrobiodiversity provides information on framework conditions, topics and important activities and actors in the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity for food and agriculture.

Cultivated and wild plants

Plants are the basis of our life and our agricultural production. Achieving long-term food security and maintaining the adaptability of plants depends heavily on sufficient genetic diversity.


The diversity of livestock breeds is part of biological diversity, a cultural asset of our homeland and the basis for innovative and sustainable animal husbandry. For livestock breeds, their use in sustainable agriculture is the best form of conservation.

Trees and shrubs

The diversity of tree and shrub species, i.e. the forest genetic resources are the basis for the conservation and restoration of diverse forest ecosystems. The specialist portal provides information on general conditions, players, activities and much more.

Fish and other Aquatic Organisms

The genetic diversity of aquatic organisms contains an extraordinary fund of genetic resources that is of immense value. Especially fish, but also crabs, mussels and other seafood are among the most important protein sources worldwide.


Often unnoticed, they are omnipresent - microorganisms and invertebrates. As an extremely species-rich part of biological diversity, they play an important role in agriculture and nutrition. They are responsible for the functioning of agricultural ecosystems. They are indispensable in the production and refinement of food and beverages.