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International Projects

International Projects

The securing of food, a sustainable supply of energy and raw materials, the preservation of biodiversity and the mitigation of climate change are supported by the BMEL within the framework of international measures.

In cooperation with the FAO (World Food Organisation) and other international organisations, multilateral projects to strengthen international cooperation in the areas of agriculture, food, agriculture , fisheries and forestry, including the conservation of genetic resources, are being implemented in the agricultural and food sector.

International cooperation in the field of genetic resources is focused on:

1. Global information systems and capacity building for genetic resources
2. Support for FAO World Status Reports
3. Access and equitable sharing of benefits in genetic resources

BMEL currently supports 11 projects for the conservation of genetic resources. Six projects are being carried out with the FAO, including projects on animal genetic and aquatic genetic resources. One project on plant genetic resources is the responsibility of the Crop Trust and three other projects are implemented under the European Crop Genetic Resources Cooperation Programme (ECPGR). In addition, the conservation of forest genetic resources in the Asia-Pacific region is supported within the framework of the Asia-Pacific Cooperation Programme for Forest Genetic Resources (APFORGEN).

The activities complement and deepen the existing commitment in the areas of conservation and use of genetic resources, improvement of the documentation of genetic resources and recording and documentation of the state of genetic resources and correspond to the priorities mentioned above.