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Statement by the Scientific Advisory Board on Biodiversity and Genetic Resources on the future arable farming strategy of the BMEL

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Contributing to the discussion paper published by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the members of the advisory board have drafted ten additional recommendations for more biodiversity in arable farming.

Fifth Global Biodiversity Report published

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The Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) regularly reports on the global status of biodiversity and analyzes the steps taken by the global community to conserve and sustainably use...

Stable construction support for pig breeding farms

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Sow keeping farms can receive subsidies for stable buildings. The support is also possible for breeding farms. Applications can be submitted to the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) at until 15th...

New podcast on nature and species conservation

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Nature conservation is the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems. Its purpose is to sustain the biodiversity of life on Earth, which is being lost at a rate unprecedented in the past 65 million years.

Reforestation needs high quality seed

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Storms and pests have severely damaged the forests in recent years. According to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, 285,000 hectares must be reforested. For this purpose, mainly origin-safe, genetically adapted and...

Mysterious seeds shipments

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At present, mysterious, unordered packages of plant seeds are giving rise to concern as their origin cannot be located with certainty and it is unknown whether they meet phytosanitary requirements.

African swine fever: Protection of animal genetic resources

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African swine fever first appeared in Germany when an infected wild boar carcass was found near the Polish border in Brandenburg. On this occasion, the IBV would like to draw your attention to the following documents on the...

Call for the breeding of new legume varieties

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For the promotion of legumes for food and agriculture, the Federal Ministry for Agriculture set up a Strategy on Legumes. The secretariat is hosted by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE).

New Publication on Pollinators

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In the new edition of "LandInForm", the German Networking Agency for Rural Areas (DVS) presents projects and collaborations that create habitats for insects: In Lower Saxony, more than 400 farmers have qualified as "bee-friendly";...

BLE establishes a support programme for investments in animal welfare

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The federal programme for stable conversion program supports i. a. pig breeding farms that want to adapt the keeping conditions for sows to the new requirements of the national livestock keeping regulation. The BLE is looking for...