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Interdisciplinary VdZ Symposium on the Preservation of Old Livestock Breeds on 22/23 November 2022

The Association of Zoological Gardens (VdZ) and the Arche Warder Zoo invite you to the Interdisciplinary VdZ Symposium on the Conservation of Old Livestock Breeds at the Nordhorn Zoo.

Source: VdZ/Arche Warder

Zoological gardens keep not only wild animal species but also livestock breeds as part of animal genetic diversity and cultural-social heritage as well as for reasons of conservation breeding and public education.

As part of the model and demonstration project "Optimising the contribution of VdZ member zoos to ex-situ in-vivo conservation of endangered native livestock breeds", the Interdisciplinary VdZ Symposium promotes exchange on how the multitude of actors can best conserve livestock breed diversity through exciting keynote presentations, expert discussions and the expansion of own networks. To this end, zoos, breeding and zoo associations, authorities, educators, scientists and private keepers come together in this symposium.

Nordhorn Zoo is predestined as a venue and a real experience: as the third largest zoo in Lower Saxony, it is actively committed to the protection of old livestock breeds as well as many wild animal species in an appealing park design, with diverse educational offers and as an archepark.

More detailed information on the programme and registration can be found here (in German only).