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Sustainable Consumption Weitere Themen

Consumers decide through their purchase

Through our purchasing decisions, we can help to live up to the principle of sustainability. Because we often have the choice between products that pollute the environment to varying degrees. Ecologically desirable properties are also promoted to different degrees by different products - such as biological diversity.

The conservation of cultural assets can be promoted by purchasing products of regionally typical livestock breeds. This increases biological diversity in use and can often create added value for species conservation by using these indigenous livestock breeds for the care of nature conservation areas. Typical products of typical regional livestock breeds are e.g. lizard from Limpurg cattle of protected origin or products from the German saddle pig. These products can increase prices, increase value added in rural areas and at the same time preserve endangered livestock breeds.

The same applies to the use of regional vegetables: "Teltower Rübchen" or "Filderstädter Kraut" (pointed cabbage) are a welcome change on the menu and contribute to the preservation of biological diversity..

 Some of these regionally typical breeds and varieties are passengers of the project "Ark of Taste" from the Slow Food e.V. association.  SlowFood is committed to enjoyable, varied and sustainable food. With the Ark of Taste, SlowFood aims to save typical regional dishes and breeds/varieties from being forgotten.