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National Invent Livestock

To implement effective measures for the conservation and sustainable use of Animal Genetic Resources we need to know the risk-status of the livestock breeds. For this, TGRDEU provides a extensive overview.

National Farm Animal Breed Inventory (TGRDEU)

Cold bood (Source: BLE)

The Central Documentation of Animal Genetic Resources in Germany (TGRDEU) provides a complete list of the breeds of farm animals bred in Germany and the recognised breeding organisations responsible for breeding.

On the basis of the annual monitoring of breeding animals, the so-called effective population size is estimated for each native livestock breed. According to the National Programme, TGRDEU serves the National Advisory Committee on Animal Genetic Resources to classify native livestock breeds into risk categories. The results of the risk assessment are also published in TGRDEU. They are also the basis for the indicator "Genetic resources in agriculture" of the National Strategy on Biological Diversity.

Furthermore, TGRDEU contains a complete overview of which livestock breeds are supported in which federal states.

TGRDEU also provides national data on the diversity of livestock breeds and animal breeding for international databases and information systems. This also includes the publication of information in the framework oft he EU zoo-technical legislation.

In 2016, the United Nations and, at national level, the Federal Government adopted the Sustainable Development Goals and corresponding indicators. Sustainability Development Goal 2.5 concerns the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources for food and agriculture. The indicators adopted for this Goal include, inter alia, population sizes and cryo-material, particularly semen, per breed of farm animal. TGRDEU also provides the necessary data for this.


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