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Promotion Livestock

Currently the payments for breeding animals are the most effective measure for the conservation and sustainable use of endangered native livestock breeds.

Promotion of endangered livestock breeds

Leicoma pig (Source: Schweinezuchtverband Baden-Württemberg e.V.)

A complete overview of which livestock breeds are supported in which federal states can be found on TGRDEU.

The payments for the breeding of endangered livestock breeds are granted in the framework of the second pillar of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (Article 28 of Regulation (EC) No 1305/2013, EAFRD). In Germany endangered livestock breeds are supported on the basis of the EAFRD Regulation. This is done as a measure of the federal states or as a joint measure of the Federal Government and the federal state governments on the basis of the Joint Task for the Improvement of Agricultural Structure and Coastal Protection (GAK). These support measures can also be co-financed with EU funds.

BMEL and BLE also support projects for the conservation and sustainable use of native endangered livestock breeds from various funding programmes.


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