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National Programme Trees and shrubs

The National Programme is the essential document which, based on the importance of genetic diversity and the threat to the genetic diversity of our tree and shrub species, describes measures and activities for the conservation and sustainable utilization of our forests in the future.

National Programme for Forest Genetic Resources in Germany

National specialized program (Source: BLE)

The National Programme "Concept for the Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Forest Genetic Resources in the Federal Republic of Germany" identifies measures for the conservation and sustainable utilization of forests in the future.

Based on the importance and endangerment of the genetic diversity of tree and shrub species, it describes necessary measures and activities. The aim is to conserve and sustainably use the inter- and intraspecific diversity of tree and shrub species, to restore viable populations of endangered tree and shrub species and to contribute to the conservation and restoration of forest ecosystems.

For the economically important main tree species and various secondary tree species, extensive measures of securing in situ and ex situ are carried out. In the case of endangered and rare occurrences, continuation of conservation measures is urgently required.

The implementation of the above-mentioned measures is the responsibility of the Federal states and is carried out by the responsible forestry institutions of the Federal states. The implementation of measures and research activities for the conservation of forest genetic resources in Germany is coordinated by the Federal government and Länder Working Group "Forest Genetic Resources and Legislation on Forest Reproductive Material " (BLAG-FGR). A few key areas of work are mentioned as examples:

  • Identification and evaluation of existing forest genetic resources,
  • In-situ measures (natural regeneration, conservation of stand and individual trees, sowing and planting in forests),
  • Ex situ measures (evacuation, seed orchards, gene banks),
  • Conservation in the context of forest management (natural regeneration, silvicultural treatments, harvesting),
  • Development of joint research priorities.


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